Tuesday, March 08, 2011

HTTP Web Server, File Upload on iphone

I installed "PDF Reader Lite" on my iphone. There is very amazing function that I can upload files into the app through a http web server on the iphone. How can they do that?

I google and baidu, and get some clues about setting up a http server for a iphone app.

There are some projects about http server on iphone...

1. Apple official sample code: 

This example demonstrates a basic HTTP service. It shows how to publish your HTTP service on Bonjour so Safari can browse it using the Bonjour tab as well as asynchronous reading and writing of information from and to NSStreams.

A simple server is included to implement the SOAP service being accessed by the client, which reuses the basic HTTP server class from the CocoaHTTPServer example.

Shows how to do simple networking using the NSStream API. The goal of this sample is very limited: it does not demonstrate everything you need to implement a fully fledged networking product, rather, it focuses on using the NSStream API to move a realistic amount of data across the network.
2. CocoaWithLove
A simple, extensible HTTP server in Cocoa

3. cocoa http server
very good project by Deusty, Check more information on deusty.blogspot.com
we will go further into using this project in the next few post.
I works very well. check my next post about running the cocoahttpserver demo.


TouchCode/TouchHTTPD - GitHub

another good project. 

we will try to use this project, too.

DiddyFtpServerLib, which builds a ftp server, seems to be another choice. But it is removed because of some security problem.?

any good ideas on implementing http server / file upload on iphone?
please make some comment.


  1. HI anyone can you please explain iOS webService section ....

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